Moroccan Khlii

Moroccan Khlii brings the flavors of Morocco to the American people, by way of ready-to-eat discrimating quality Beef Jerky.

Moroccan Khlii, Inc was Born In January 2011. We initially started with bringing a Moroccan Delicacy to the US market: Traditional Moroccan Khlii. 

Traditional Moroccan Khlii was our main and only product for several years and helped put Moroccan Khlii, Inc on the Map. Khlii is a Moroccan delicacy that requires minor preparation before consumption and can be used in a variety of dishes.

In 2012, I learned that my grandfather was the official supplier of Khlii to the Moroccan Palace, way back before I was born (My grandfather passed when I was 2 years old) I inherited his passion for this unique Moroccan delicacy without even knowing it.

In 2016, our R&D team came up with the bright idea to simplify the process and americanize it by introducing a new product that remains true to its Moroccan roots and is ready to eat directly form the bag, with no preparation necessary: Halal Beef Jerky - Khlii Flavor.

Halal resembles Kosher in tradition and process, and allows the animal to be slaughtered in a humane way and be drained from its blood (and impurities). The Idea to go Halal is meant to open up the market to the Muslim community that is very observant, and only consumes Halal meats in addition to the American people that consume beef.

In 2018 the R&D team further expanded the lineup by bringing out a spicy flavor that not only has a nice not too overwhelming kick to it, but is also true to its Moroccan roots and has flavor: Halal Beef Jerky - Harissa Flavor.

Today, we are diligently working on expanding our lineup of flavors and staying true to our Moroccan roots and aromas.

Press coverage
"Moroccan Khlii Inc sera lancée en janvier 2011 et dans la foulée, la première vente en ligne "". «Le fait d’être en activité sur le web dans le temps m’a énormément aidé à créer mon site et ma plateforme e-commerce. Le parcours des 5 dernières années était difficile, avec beaucoup de leçons à apprendre dans le commerce et le customer service»"
Le «khlii» dans les rayons américains
L'economiste - August 29, 2016
"About six months into his khlii experimentation, Tadlaoui learned that his grandfather, who died when Tadlaoui was two, produced the trademark meat for Morocco's royal family. "I inherited a family legacy I didn't know existed," he says."
Jerky Boy
Tasting Table - November 21, 2011
Hicham "Shaun" Tadlaoui
Born & Raised in Casablanca, Morocco. Avid Foodie, Obsessed with Quality.
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