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Tomatoes, Khlii and Potatoes

Tomatoes Khlii & Potatoes This is a stew like recipe, good as appetizer or as a main dish. Ingredients for 6 to 8 people : 5kg (11 Ibs) of tomatoes 200 g (7 oz) of khlii 4 soupspoonfuls of khlii fat 500 g (1 lb 2 oz) of potatoes 2 chopped onions handful of chopped parsley 1 heaped soupspoon ful of paprika chilli to taste Preparation: Wash and peel the tomatoes. Take out the seeds and chop into pieces. (Never put tomatoes through a vegetable sieve.) Put on to cook in a thick-bottomed saucepan without adding any water. Add salt, 2 chopped onions, the dried meat, khlii fat, paprika and the crushed chilli. Peel and cut up into small pieces...

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