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Msemen (Rghayef) Msemen is a square-shaped Moroccan pancake known also to some Moroccans as “Rghaif” or “Mlawi”. They are dough-based and take quite considerable time to be prepared in the traditional way. Generally, Msemen is prepared for breakfast and sometimes as an evening snack. It always goes with Moroccan tea, but some people would serve it with milk-coffee. It may be sweetened by honey or jam for those who would like it sweet. Ingredients: 500g of flour 200g fine semolina 2 tsp salt ¼ tsp yeast 1.5 cups warm water Preparation of Msemen (Rghayef): Msemen Balls Msemmen Ball Flatened into disc Msemmen Made into squares Msemmen Cooked Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl, gradually adding water while kneading....

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