Moroccan Khlii, Khlea, Khlia

Moroccan Khlii (Arabic: خليع)

Khlii Eggs Tagine
Khlea (also called khlii or qadeed) is a way to preserve meat (jerky) that dates from several centuries ago refrigeration was non existent in the world, the Moroccan Recipe usually incorporates beef. The meat is cut into strips, marinated with various spices and then dried in the sun for days before it's cooked in a mixture of beef fat, oil and water. The meat, once cooled, will keep for up to two years at room temperature when packed in its own fat where it cooked. This practice was very practical then, and remains a well sought after delicacy, by Moroccans in their day to day life. Some restaurants (i.e. Lazy Ox Canteen) even incorporate it in their menus. Families from different regions have different recipes. Typically a recipe will be passed on from Grandma to mom to daughter, and so on... The flavor of Khlea is unique, and can be recognized from miles away. Due to it's high fat content, it is often mixed with other ingredients to make a full meal. For Recipe ideas, please check out our Recipe Page.
Pronunciation: kh-lee-a
Alternate Spellings: khlia, Khlea