Moroccan Turkey Jerky – Moroccan Khlii
Moroccan Turkey Jerky
Moroccan Turkey Jerky

Moroccan Turkey Jerky

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An American version of a Moroccan delicacy  - This is 2.5 Oz. of pure American Style Beef Jerky with the Exotic Flavor of Moroccan goodness, made with Premium Beef, super high in Protein, minimally processed, Gluten Free, Paleo Diet Friendly, Keto Diet Friendly, Virtually Fat Free, Zero Sugar, Zero Carbs, No Additives, No Preservatives, No MSG, Handcrafted, extra lean Halal Beef.

We do not use chemicals, our Jerky is clean. 

The Khlii flavor is very aromatic and brings together a melody of Moroccan spices to excite your palate.

The Harissa flavor provides a subtle bite to satisfy one's craving of spiciness, all without overwhelming the aromas present in the spice medley. 

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